7 Good Books to Read in High School

There are many best books for young adults to read in high school. These books are enhancing the knowledge of high school students. They are books that challenge societal viewpoints and also make history.

The books you need to read in high school are essential in this age of emailing, social media, and texting. They provide you with vocabulary and language use skills. In addition, reading various books enables you to score higher grades in our exams and assignments. Moreover, you will come across different cultures and places that will make you emphatic and intelligent.

The following are some of the best books for young adults to read in high school.

  1. Mesuji Ibuse: Black Rain

The Black Rain is a novel that focuses on the consequences of the dropped atom bomb in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The book talks about a surviving family narrating what transpired to them during the bomb attack. The book uses a soft and subtle tone to explain the sensitive topics of challenges caused by the bomb attack.

  1. Kate Chopin: The Awakening

The Awakening is one of the books you need to read in high school. This novel talks about a woman’s process of becoming conscious of herself. During those days, women were supposed to be submissive and behave in a way that society accepts. As the protagonist in the novel becomes aware of herself, then the problems start to begin. The book enlightens us on the issue of balance between self-centeredness and self-worth.

  1. Sylvia Plath: The Bell Jar

The autobiography by Sylvia Plath is also one of the books you need to read in high school. It dwells much on the issue of mental illness. Esther, who stands in for Plath, the protagonist, is a student in college. She tries to explore a sexual life and talents but finds herself in a bad situation leading to her mental instability. This novel is essential for high school students because mental illness is a reality.

  1. Aldous Huxley: Brave New World

Brave New World is a book for young adults to read in high school, talks about dystopian. The author of this novel gives us the interpretations of utopian and dystopian. The author explains a world that has a lot of manipulation and dysfunction. This novel is suitable for high school students as it equips them with the knowledge to correct evils in a dysfunctional society.

  1. The Dee Brown: Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

This novel is a historical novel that deals with the history of America. It gives us the history of how European Americans interacted with native Americans who had occupied what they maintained to be their country. It illustrates the painful mistreatment that befallen those people who were fighting for their country. It is a good novel for students who would want to understand the history of the united states.

  1. Rodolfo Anaya: Bless Me, Ultima

This semi-autobiographical novel is one of the suitable books you need to read in high school. This novel comprises a healthy dose of magical realism. It incorporates both Spanish and native American effects. It clearly shows the ways and forces within the life of the protagonist come into conflict. The protagonist is growing up in a society that makes him ask questions about life, for example, good and evil.

  1. Chinua Achebe: Things fall apart

This novel is one of the best books you need to read in highs school. Chinua Achebe focuses a lot on the Igbo tribe in Africa. He narrates the African cultures before the arrival and after the arrival of the white settlers. In this novel, Okonkwo is the protagonist who encounters challenges that placed him in a position that made him make distasteful decisions. This novel gives an illustration of change which is inevitable.


Reading these books or choosing a few before you finish your high school studies is beneficial. You are pro on language use, literary analysis, and vocabulary use. It is prudent for a reader to read these books because they convey important messages. The stories and lessons in them are also powerful.

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