Five Successful Ways to Study and Travel During School Time

There is nothing good like traveling across the world to learn various cultures, languages and just enjoying yourself. Engaging with French speakers can allow you to learn how to speak French fluently. Assimilating with people helps you immerse yourself into their culture. It can make you have empathy about their way of doing things. You will only achieve this through travel and study.

Why are travel and study are crucial to informal education? Some may decide to choose to travel instead travel of going to school. This aspect should not be the case. We all know that education is an important aspect that imparts knowledge and skills such as being ethical and disciplined. It also enables you to achieve your degree that will eventually open the door for you as far as your career is concerned.

Despite the notion that people who have traveled are more creative, you should not forego your academics. Instead, combine study and travel; you will achieve better results.

The following are successful ways that will help you combine study and travel at the same period.

  1. Spend a full year abroad studying and during this period, immerse yourself fully into a new culture

Many colleges give their students opportunities to study abroad on exchange programs for a year or even a semester. Many students see this as an opportunity to learn a new culture as well as a new environment. However, studying abroad may be challenging due to the language barrier, getting used to the new bus station, and cultural differences. Studying abroad also can give a chance to start a travel blog while working full time and going to school. For sure, it is an experience that brings life-changing.

  1. Manage and use your time well by utilizing summer holidays to travel

By choosing to travel instead of going to school, you should wait until it reaches summer and board a plane and have an adventure if you have readily available money. Also, if you do not have funds, you can use the holiday to explore through traveling on the road.

While on the road, you can teach English. There are several countries abroad that offer teaching in camps. So, when you are traveling, you can teach English and earn a lot of money. In addition, you can also volunteer. Volunteering abroad can make you get funds that you will use to pay for your flights. Furthermore, you can also offer childcare services and have a place to stay. All these are various ways in which you can utilize your summer while abroad.

  1. Contribute to cultural exchange activities to get the local experience

Participating in cultural exchange while abroad will enable you to learn about new cultures and new things. Several cultural exchange programs happen abroad where students intermingle and exchange ideas of their culture. By immersing yourself, you will be able to learn a lot.

  1. Take one-year gap after high school before joining college

Taking one-year gap is not common in some countries abroad. In Australia, you may find this practice. Utilize the gap and travel a lot to reenergize and avoid academic burnout. It will also offer you a chance to know what you want to pursue when you join college. Traveling a lot during this period will allow you to know what is going and what other people are doing.

  1. Attend some language sessions and become fluent

Summer has brought some opportunities where you can learn new things while overseas. Travel abroad and learn various languages. Engage in starting a travel blog while working full time and going to school to study new languages. Make sure you immerse yourself fully in those language schools for you to be fluent.


There is no need to choose to travel instead of going to school. Wait for the summer holiday to approach for you to travel. Learn new things and engage in cultural activities while abroad. Immerse yourself in language school and learn new languages. Balance your travel and study well. Ensure you are starting a travel blog while working full time and going to school. Success as combine study and travel.

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