How to study Law effectively

Many students spend hours studying for their law courses but have little or nothing to show for their efforts. There are strategies to be involved in the objective of getting the right results is to be achieved. The following tips will help students do my law homework more efficiently.

Enroll in a taught course during LLB

This will allow you to socialize with other students and the provision wish guidance on what you are expected to know during your study. It will be a bright idea if you choose a school that is been taught by real academics. They are the ones that will shape your examination papers as well as the law.


It should be stated clearly from the onset that in practical reality, there is nothing like the best textbook in the study of law. We are going to give some ideas on textbooks according to courses that might be of help in achieving expected results.

  • Contract law
    If you go by the thoughts as expressed through Treitel’s Contract Law; you are going to get an authoritative approach to the course. It utilizes shipping cases and is super rich in the theoretical treatise.
  • Criminal law
    The suggested text by William Wilson is worth every minute of your reading time. It is available free for students an ebook on Dawsonera. If you wanted to go the extra mile, then you can include Criminal Law and the Criminal Law textbook by Andrew Ashworth. You are going to achieve a complete insight into criminal law.
  • Land law
    For the best results here, the suggested text is one from Professor Martin Dixon. You can add Modern Land Law by the late Professor Mark Thompson for greater effectiveness.

When you use two textbooks that go all the way to complement one another, you are going to achieve expected results.

Cases and casebook

You are going to come across hundreds of cases inside a reading list. Even if you can get the best results here, it will not be possible to read half of the cases mentioned. So how many should you invest in to achieve expected results? For the best effectiveness, it is advised that you buy more than one casebook. The problem is that the casebooks are heavily edited and it takes over a year to get to the shelf. The examiner will be on the lookout for fresh cases! Can you see the twist? Treat the rest of the cases by looking at Case Analysis in Westlaw.

How to start with a topic

Go over your textbook and notes and then expand on it. This you can do by identifying key controversial areas. Make sure you understand what the law is saying inside out before taking notes. Go on and identify the current academic case in the topic. 


When you go by the tips above, it will be pretty easy to study for law and get results that will reflect the efforts that you put into your study time.

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